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Ship's Company 1812 Marines

The Ship's Company 1812 Marines are a volunteer reenactment group within Ship's Company that researches the history and demonstrates the working conditions and skills of U.S. Marines in the early 19th century, focusing on the War of 1812.

Each Ship's Company 1812 Marine member outfits himself with a historical Marine uniform, musket, bayonet, and accouterments from the War of 1812 period. We participate in battle reenactments, put on demonstrations, and occasionally present historical lectures. Our regular demonstration events include infantry drill, small boat operations with replica 1812-era ship's boats, and period encampments.

We participate in events in the Washington/Baltimore area as well as more distant events in conjunction with other military living history units from the period. Regular events for the Ship's Company 1812 Marines now include reenactments at Bladensburg, Maryland; the St. Leonard's Creek battlefield, at Jefferson-Patterson Park in southern Calvert County, Maryland; and the Defender's Day weekend celebration at Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland.

In the future, the Detachment may serve as the Marine guard aboard the replica of the schooner Enterprize to be built by the National Maritime Heritage Foundation. The Enterprize embarked a Marine guard of approximately 12-15 men, commanded by a sergeant. We welcome all those interested in the Marines and their proud history and in making that history accessible to people.

For further information about Ship's Company 1812 Marines, contact Sean Barnett at 703-256-1513.

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