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Enterprize Marine Detachment Uniform Requirements

The uniform for the U.S. Marine Corps in the War of 1812 was established by the uniform order of April 19, 1810, promulgated by Marine Commandant Franklin Wharton. The 1810 uniform was very similar to that established by the uniform orders of March 25, 1804 and October 14, 1805. Details of the uniform not specified in the orders were discerned from U.S. Marine Corps correspondence of the period and available first person accounts.

All officer or senior enlisted impressions must be approved by the membership and all members portraying officers are responsible for also having an enlisted Marine impression ready to wear if low event numbers make this necessary.

Ship's Company takes a phased approach to the acquisition of Marine uniform components to enable members to participate without having to first purchase the complete Marine uniform. The Interim Rig is for Marine recruits only, appearing at their first or second event. The Basic Rig is for members working on their uniforms during their first year with Ship's Company. It is expected that all members will acquire the Full Rig within one year of joining Ship's Company Marines. Participation in some events may be restricted to members with the Full Rig. Enhanced Rig items may be acquired one by one as members desire.

Interim Rig(Recruits Only)

Basic Rig

Full Rig(Official Rig)

Enhanced Rig(Full + below)

Any period workshirt ($30)

White workshirt ($30)

White workshirt

Fatigue coat (summer) ($60)

Any period pantaloons ($50)

White pantaloons, (wool or canvas) ($50)

White pantaloons (winter); white gaiter trowsers (summer) ($65)

Fatigue coat (winter) ($65)

Any straw or canvas tarred hat, untarred straw hat, or low topper ($20)

Low topper ($20)

Marine shako with Marine plate, cord, Marine button and red plume ($205)

Fatigue hat(s) ($15)


1810 Marine coatee ($260)

1810 Marine coatee ($260)

Marine knapsack ($65)


Any period musket (e.g., Charleville, Brown Bess, 1795/1816 Springfield) with any musket accessories ($725)

Charleville or 1795/1816 Springfield musket with period ramrod, bayonet, and musket accessories ($725)

Period camping gear and personal gear


Any white crossbelts with any black cartridge box ($65)

White Marine crossbelts with Marine crossbelt buckle ($48)



Any black leather period shoes ($125)

Low, black, leather, straight last, laced boots ($125)




1812 period bayonet scab-bard and US late model 1808 cartridge box ($95)




gray wool socks ($11)




Black leather neck stock with buckle ($27)




Black wool gaiters ($70)


Refer to Sutler's listing for up to date pricing and availability.

The complete War of 1812 Marine uniform is expensive, but we are committed to doing our interpretations as professionally and as accurately as possible, realizing that we are representing part of the history of an elite and storied military organization, the U.S. Marine Corps. Also, as indicated above, you can join the you can join the Ship's Company 1812 Marines and participate in events without having to buy the entire kit at once. Furthermore, Ship's Company and Ship's Company members also maintain a limited quantity of uniform items and equipment that new recruits can borrow to make it easier to get started.

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