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WAR OF 1812: Sailor

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c.1800 Sailor

Ship's Company early wars impression is primarily for the period 1797 - 1815. This includes the Quasi-War with France, Wars with the Barbary Powers and War of 1812 with England.

Ship's Company also on occasion portrays either merchant seamen, privateersmen, or seamen of the American Revolution.

Major events we support are the Battle of Bladensburg Barney's Barge at Jefferson - Patterson Park with cooperation of MNCPPC, the Defender's Day Battle of Baltimore/ Ft. McHenry Bombardment, and several events at the Washington Navy Yard, including the Seafarer's Festival.

To bring the Battle of Bladensburg closer to home we have found a map that you can look at to see where you live in relation to this battle. Follow this link.

SC & Lt. Col. Roger Cooper-Simpson, RM;
Battle of Bladensburg, 2010

We welcome enthusiasts of all ages, genders and races... the Navy of these periods were diverse, a virtual village afloat with various trades and skills.

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