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Ship's Company is a living history organization dedicated to the preservation of the American maritime heritage. We interpret many aspects of maritime life between 1775 and 1865. Interpretations include both Sailors (Navy and civilian) and Marines.

      American Wars at Sea: 1775-1865
      American Revolution -- 1775-83
      Quasi-War with France -- 1798-1800
      Wars with the Barbary Powers -- 1801-05
      War of 1812 with Great Britain -- 1812-15
      Texan Revolution -- 1835-37
      Mexican-American War -- 1846-48
      American Civil War -- 1861-65

These wars defined what the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps were to become in the future. Both Sailors and Marines within this period defined the Esprit de Corps for the future generations of our proud Navy and Marine Corps. Ship's Company demonstrates these values and traditions to the public, for both their enjoyment and learning experience.

  BOOK on sale at AMAZON.COM
  "Showing the Flag: the Civil War Naval Diary Of Moses Safford"
  edited by Larry Bopp and Steve Bockmiller
  Well educated and curious, Moses Safford's record of his experiences on USS Constellation is a priceless insight into the life of sailors during this critical period in American History.

Another contingent within our group, the Ship's Company Chanteymen , is dedicated to preserving and performing maritime music and other forms of traditional entertainment. The Chanteymen perform professionally in addition to donating time and energy in support of Ship's Company living history initiatives.

They recently produced a full-length recording, Donkey Riding, with hearty work songs, soulful ballads and lively instrumentals. Get one at a chantey sing or performance near you, or contact Myron Peterson.

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